Flying South for the winter?

Flying South for the winter?

Snow birds eager to escape clouds, miserable weather and frigid temperatures often think of Florida for the winter months unless they have family and friends to visit in Louisiana.

But, Louisiana is a great option for all snow birds, and the Cajun Coast is a perfect sampler of the state. From bayous to towns that allow you to slow down, we are rich in cuisine, history, culture and music.

Get ready to visit us with these tips:

-Pack for a variety of temperatures. Winters this far south are mild, especially when compared to any northern state. We’re never quite sure whether we’re going to be wearing coats or shorts at Christmas. Temperature swings of 30 degrees in one day are common. Light layers are your friend.

-Looking to ditch the heavy coat and boots?  On the Cajun Coast, it only snows about once a decade, so leave any gear for snow at home.

-It does, however, rain. Carry an umbrella when you’re out and about in case unexpected showers pop up, as they are prone to do.

-Just like in the summer, wear comfortable shoes. Save fashionable shoes for going out to one of our fabulous restaurants and the flip flops for the park. Wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes whether you’re spending the day touringshopping or hiking. Your feet will thank you.