Unusual Spring Festivals

Unusual Spring Festivals

Unusual Spring Festivals - You’ve got to admit, an area that celebrates shrimp & petroleum in the same festival, has some work to do to top the distinctive festival list, but we have some interesting festivals in the spring that you’ll want celebrate a little differently. See our calendar for the full line-up.

Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Festival Cajun CoastBayou Teche Wooden Boat Festival
Celebrating the craftsmanship and long history of vessels made of wood, this festival for wooden boat enthusiasts takes place along the beautiful Bayou Teche in downtown Franklin in late April. The event includes antique and modern vessels, from small pirogues to larger craft.
See more on the Bayou Teche Wooden Boat Festival.

Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival
Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival Cajun CoastAlso held in downtown Franklin, this celebration of Louisiana’s Black Bear features educational components along with Louisiana music and festival fare. The Louisiana Black Bear is on the threatened species list, but activities such as this one, highlighting the area’s natural resources and the recent establishment of the Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge, help foster a respect for local wildlife. Find out more about the Bayou Teche Black Bear Festival.

Cypress Sawmill Festival
Cypress Sawmill Festival Cajun CoastWhile the event has been postponed for the spring, the festival in Patterson pays tribute to the cypress timber industry once one of the largest in the nation due to the expansive cypress stands found within the vast swamplands. The history of this industry is displayed at the Louisiana State Museum’s Wedell-Williams Aviation and Cypress Sawmill Museum in Patterson. Find out more at the Wedell-Williams Aviation and Cypress Sawmill Museum.

Cast Iron Cookoff
Etouffee on the Cajun CoastAnd, Cast Iron Cookoffs are not unusual in the South, but in South Louisiana, those pots are likely full of the most amazing concoctions, like étouffée, jambalaya, or sauce piquant. Find out more and whet your appetite for more at the Cast Iron Cookoff!

So, prepare for the usual festival fun and a little bit of extra, we call lagniappe, at festivals along the Cajun Coast this spring.