Mr. Charlie Oil Rig Cajun Coast
Drive, Bike & Enjoy Spirit of the Fest The Spirit of the Fest Driving Tour provides an opportunity not only to support attractions throughout the area, but also to connect with the petroleum and shrimping industries. From the “Mr. Charlie” Oil Rig Museum, the only place in the world where... read more
Cypremort Point State Park
Staycation on the Cajun CoastYou can staycation (or vacation) off-the-beaten-path on the Cajun Coast. We’ve provided several itineraries to make the planning easy for your getaway! While we have itineraries for everything from golf to ghost tours, these itineraries will provide you with some... read more
Lake End Park Cajun Coast
Many coasts can boast of beaches or deep sea fishing, but the Cajun Coast has so much more! From Cajun culture, food & music, to inland swamp tours and the largest wetlands in the country, you’ll want to visit the coast with the most! The Cajun Coast is a sampler of everything Louisiana... read more
Bring your wild ones to see ours on the Cajun Coast
While we have had a lot of togetherness lately, getting together on the Cajun Coast will provide plenty of room to roam, so bring your wild ones to see ours! We have a variety of outdoor experiences for the entire family. See our list, from paddling trails to tours, and come enjoy your summer on... read more
Swamp Tour on the Cajun Coast
We know travelers will visit Louisiana again, just as they did after 9/11, after Katrina, and after the oil spill, and Louisiana will once again be able to show off this place we love to the world. But, we know that the first place people will visit is their own towns, then regions, then further... read more
Cypress Tree on the Cajun Coast
When you are ready, we’ll be here! The waters of the Atchafalaya Basin will still be full of mysteries, the fishing will still be fabulous (ready to catch your limit!), and the restaurants will still serve up the freshest of seafood in world-renowned dishes you’ve been dreaming of tasting!While it... read more
The Cajun Coast features live music every weekend, and our festivals are full of top notch performances, but Songs on the Bayou features more than 100 songwriters from across the nation and showcases new talent that you won’t want to miss!Presented by Last Honky Tonk Music Series and D.a.T. SaUcE,... read more
Lovebirds at Eagle Expo Cajun Coast
Find Birds & Beads on the Cajun Coast - See the BirdsFalling this year on Valentine’s Day weekend, the Eagle Expo is a great experience for lovebirds and bird lovers. Including boat tours into waterways to spot majestic birds, a live raptor presentation, Water & Nature Expo & more, you’... read more
Cajun Coast Paddling Trail
Did you know that more than half of Americans left vacation time on the table last year— 768 million unused vacation days! Don’t waste your days off, Cher! January 28 is National Plan for Vacation Day, take the day to plan at least one adventure to the Cajun Coast!There are so many ways to have a... read more
Christmas on the Cajun Coast
Celebrate Christmas in a place that knows how to put the joy into any event. Here, we turn everyday events into reasons to celebrate, so you can imagine how big we do the holidays! We’ve already put up the lights and the mistletoe, and Père Noël has readied his Cajun sleigh with eight, tiny gators... read more
Get together on the Cajun Coast
Take the stress out of the holidays and get together on the Cajun Coast! Not only will you find a lot to do for the whole family, but amazing dining, holiday festivities, and great holiday hotel rates await you on the Cajun Coast!Our beautiful, historic towns dress up for the holidays, featuring... read more
Ghosts on the Coast
From the rougarou who inhabits the misty, murky waters of the Atchafalaya Basin, to Civil Water battle sites said to be grounds for restless spiritual activity, along with many antebellum mansions and historic properties, the Cajun Coast is ripe for delving into ghostly sightings. We have been... read more
Cypress Lake Resort Cajun Coast
There is nothing more peaceful than camping along the water’s edge, especially on the Cajun Coast where we have so many waterways! And to make it even more appealing, Louisiana’s State Parks are offering discounts during the fall! See the discounts here! We boast the beautiful, nearby... read more
Shrimp & Petroleum Festival Cajun Coast
Labor Day weekend is synonymous with the Shrimp & Petroleum Festival on the Cajun Coast, but August will also boast another big event this year! In honor of the 50th anniversary of the movie, Easy Rider, filmed on the Cajun Coast, the Bikers on the Bayou annual event promises to be even easier... read more
Things to do with Kids on the Cajun Coast
If the good old summer time means finding stuff for the kids to do without spending a fortune, the Cajun Coast has got you covered! We have put together a Family-friendly itinerary, and a list of the top FREE or Cheap things for kids to do this summer!EDUCATION & EXPLORATIONKids will enjoy... read more
Catch time together on he Cajun Coast
Have Them Meet You on the Cajun Coast! Picking the perfect location is the easiest part of planning your next family reunion-we've got it all right here on the Cajun Coast!We're a sampler of everything Louisiana offers, with plenty for your whole crew to enjoy. Swamp tours of the exotic Atchafalaya... read more
Whether your great outdoors is paddling on a meandering trail in the vastness of the Atchafalaya Basin, taking a swamp tour cruise with a local character, or simply taking in the beauty of the Bayou Teche Scenic Byway, you can find your path to the great outdoors all across the Cajun Coast!With the... read more
Festivals on the Cajun Coast
The Cajun Coast Spring Festival Season begins in earnest with three signature festivals and the weekly Rhythms on the River in April!The Cypress Sawmill Festival opens with the KQKI Country Music Showdown - come see your favorite local talent compete and win! Also, Songs on the Bayou performers... read more
Mardi Gras on the Cajun Coast
Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday” is a day of feasting and celebration before the traditional observance of Lent, a time of fasting and sacrifice for 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday. The date is based on the spring equinox, so it varies each year. Mardi Gras Day is March 5 in 2019 and will feature... read more
Eagle Expo
Celebrate the eagle and other birds during Eagle Expo February 22-23, and find amazing birding and wildlife viewing on the Cajun Coast any time of year. There will be a dozen tour options to go out into the waterways to see eagles and other birds on Friday and Saturday of the Expo, as well as... read more
New Year. New Adventures. Cajun Coast
If your New Year’s resolutions include more adventures – come on down to the Cajun Coast, and we’ll help you check adventuring off your list! Paddle the Atchafalaya, blaze a trail, take in culture, or even play the slots! We’ve got you covered!There are so many ways to have a great time on the... read more
Come Christmas on the Cjaun Coast
Come Christmas on the Cajun Coast where holiday events are magnified with the beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin and the Louisiana coastline! We will treat you to Cajun fare, hospitality, and live music, where joy, or joie de vivre is a normal way of life! Enjoy The Most Wonderful Time of the Year on... read more
Give Thanks on the Cajun Coast
You love your family, but let’s face it, hotels were made for when family comes to town! And the Cajun Coast has got you covered this holiday season! Take the stress out of Thanksgiving and find your folks a great rate with Friends & Family Holiday Hotel rates on the Cajun Coast!While you... read more
Lighthouse Festival on the Cajun Coast
Fall, like in most parts of the country, signals harvest time! On the Cajun Coast that also means festivals to celebrate!Not only will you want to visit the Cajun Coast every weekend in October for festival fun, you’ll want to check out the specials and deals section to get a great rate on your... read more
Scenic drive on the Cajun Coast
Take a Drive Along the Coast The fall is such a nice time for a drive. As the weather cools a bit, you might even be able to put the top down as you head to the coast for a scenic byway drive along the road less traveled. While the Cajun Coast is likely more known for the Atchafalaya Basin and its... read more
Paddling on the Cajun Coast
When temperatures rise, we naturally flock to the water’s edge, and luckily, the Cajun Coast has a lot of water to enjoy! And with an abundance of water comes an abundance of diverse water activities. We have organized them into the top ten favorites.1. Freshwater Fishing – Fishing spots are... read more
If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or BBQ aficionado, you will want to set your course for the Cajun Coast in July!In honor of the 50th anniversary of the movie, Easy Rider, filmed on the Cajun Coast, the Bikers on the Bayou event is hosting some Easy-themed activities as part of their annual event... read more
Paddling on the Cajun Coast
When, “Hurray, school is out for the summer,” turns into “I’m bored,” the Cajun Coast has got you covered! Not only are there plenty of outdoor places to roam, we even have some sneaky educational options that are so much fun, they won’t even notice they are learning!Summer is great for... read more
Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail Cajun Coast
The Atchafalaya Basin is the nation's largest river swamp, containing almost one million acres of the nation's most significant bottomland hardwoods, swamps and bayous. The Cajun Coast has many options to explore this vast wilderness along with even more waterways to explore!The Atchafalaya Water... read more
Live Music on the Cajun Coast
When you think “Cajun” you automatically think food and music, and the Cajun Coast has its fill of both, but music takes the stage, literally this spring.Not only is there so much live music on the Cajun Coast that a live music calendar is published each week, but the Bayou Songwriter’s Festival... read more