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Mystically Beautiful. The Cajun Coast.

Mezmerizing beauty, seductive waterways, dreamlike moments.

It’s one of America’s most beautiful, mysterious natural areas, and we invite you to truly explore it. Take the time to venture into our scenic waterways brimming with wildlife as well as our other experiences. Rich in unique outdoor recreational experiences, abundant Cajun culture and cuisine, and Chitimacha Native American history, the Cajun Coast will work its magic on you!

The past and present have contributed to a fascinating cultural mix on the Cajun Coast. The blending of French, Spanish, English, African, Native American, and Cajun traditions have created a rich and flavorful gumbo of food, music, art, and history.

With a population of over 53,000 and 700 square miles of land, St. Mary Parish, the Cajun Coast of Louisiana, is located in the Bayou Teche region of Cajun Country. midway between New Orleans and Lafayette via Hwy. 90. Its five municipalities include Morgan City, Franklin, Berwick, Baldwin, Patterson, and the Sovereign Nation of the Chitimacha. Agriculture, seafood, and fabrication— particularly for the oil industry—are our economic lifeblood.

On the Cajun Coast, we’re always eager to meet new friends and share our history, heritage, and natural beauty. We encourage you to fill your plate and sample everything we have to offer. Come to the Cajun Coast and immerse yourself in what National Geographic called this “hauntingly beautiful land” for a taste of the real Louisiana. With its captivating history, magical natural wonders, and hypnotic beauty, the Cajun Coast will weave its way into your own story, providing magical memories, so you want to visit again and again!