Grand Avoille Cove

Lake Fausse Point is adjacent to the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp, the largest overflow swamp in the United States. The name Atchafalaya is a derivative of the Choctaw hacha falaia, appropriately meaning “Long River.” The Atchafalaya River runs through the swampy wetlands of the Atchafalaya Basin. The Atchafalaya Basin extends north from Morgan City past Lafayette in a maze of bayous, lakes, ponds and cypress swamps. More than 65 species of reptiles and 46 species of mammals inhabit the Cajun Coast.

Lake Fausse Point was once part of the Atchafalaya Basin Swamp until the levee system isolated it.  Lake Fausse Point is a great spot for birding! Canoeists can paddle under and around large moss-draped cypress trees which line the lake. Cotton Canal, a small canal located just east of Cotton Point, is a great place for wildlife watching. Once you reach the lake, paddle between the cypress trees for the best view. 

Grand Avoille Cove Paddling Trail

Nearby Cities:

Jeanerette, Charenton, Baldwin


  • Jeanerette Canal Landing to Grand Avoille Cove Boat Launch: 7.3 miles
  • Jeanerette Canal Landing to Chitimacha Boat Launch: 10.8 miles (following the tree line)

Type of Trail:

Linear route: shuttle service may be necessary



Skill Level:


Approx Paddling Time:

5 hours

Usual Current:

0 to 2 miles per hour


High winds can cause choppiness in the water. Coastal tides can also have an effect on the currents. Follow the tree line for safety. Be aware of hunting season. May through September can be very hot! Bring sunscreen, plenty of water and bug spray.


  • Jeanerette Canal Landing – From Hwy. 90, take Jeanerette exit, LA 668 which turns into LA 671 (LA 671 is also Canal Street). Take a left onto Main Street (Hwy. 182). At the first traffic light, turn right onto LA 671. Cross Bayou Teche and turn left onto Hwy. 87.  About ¼ mile, the road will curve to the right and then fork: keep going straight onto Jeanerette Canal Road.  The boat landing is at the end of Jeanerette Canal Road (approximately 2.2 miles).
    GPS: N29 56' 38.0" W-91 38' 11.8"
  • Grand Avoille Cove Boat Launch – From Hwy. 90, take the Baldwin exit (LA 83). Turn left at the stop sign. At LA 182, take a right. At the first traffic light, take a left onto LA 326. Travel 3.6 miles and turn right onto LA 324. Cross the Bayou Teche and then turn left onto LA 87. Take the first right at Charenton Beach Road. Travel one mile to the levee. Take a left onto the gravel road that runs parallel to the levee (do not travel on the levee: it is Corps of Engineers property). Cross the locks. Approximately 2.2 miles after the locks, the boat landing will be on the left.
    GPS: N29 55' 21.0" W-91 32' 43.7"
  • Chitimacha Boat Launch – From Hwy. 90, take the Baldwin exit (LA 83).  Turn left at the stop sign. Take a right onto Hwy. 182. At the traffic light, take a left onto LA 326. From LA 326, take the first right after the street named Chitimacha Trail Loop. The road leading to the boat launch is unmarked, but there is a sign with the name of the boat launch once you turn down the road. Once you reach the lake, paddle between the cypress trees for the best view.
    GPS: N29 53' 19.0" W-91 31' 51.0"