Beautiful cypress trees on the Cajun Coast

Come See Us Soon!

When you are ready, we’ll be here! The waters of the Atchafalaya Basin will still be full of mysteries, the fishing will still be fabulous (ready to catch your limit!), and the restaurants will still serve up the freshest of seafood in world-renowned dishes you’ve been dreaming of tasting!

While it might be a while before you are ready to tackle big cities and crowds, we have plenty of wide-open spaces for you to roam. With 800,000 acres of pristine beauty in the Atchafalaya Basin, the largest wetland area in the country as our backyard, and the entire Gulf Coast at our feet, there is no shortage of outdoors. We have paddling trails, scenic byways and trails, and spaces to view birds and wildlife. Whether by bike, hike, boat or kayak, you can still practice safe-distancing here on the Cajun Coast!

And, our hotels and attractions have put additional cleaning and rigorous sanitation  protocols into place. If you want to escape overnight, or maybe just find some sanity while working from home, you’ll find a safe space, hot coffee, and a warm smile!

With all of that working from home, we’ve been on a few (dozen) Zoom calls, so we’re offering some Cajun Coast backgrounds to dress up your Zoom – and dream of the day when you can travel!

If you need a virtual taste, order from Cajun Coast merchants, including having your D.a.T. Sauce delivered (with a code for $100 worth of free music downloads from the Last Honky Tonk Music Series) or tune in to Facebook Live concerts for a living room concert from a variety of musicians.

We know these are difficult times, but we are in this together. We appreciate you trusting your travels to us. We pray for a speedy recovery to all those impacted by this virus. Get a sample of itineraries and options, start planning, and come see us soon!

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Come See Us Soon!