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Family Ties

“How’s Your Mom-and-Dem”? As the greeting goes, and with Thanksgiving the fourth week in November, thoughts turn this time of year to family. Family is very important on the Cajun Coast where generations have made their living along its waterways. And we have everything you need to plan the perfect family reunion!

Not only do we have accommodations to suit just about every family – from camp and RV parks to family-friendly hotels with group rates and ample meeting space, we have enough activities to keep the relations happily relating!

Uncle Matt, the Civil War buff, can walk the historic grounds of monumental battles of the War Between the States, and he and Aunt June can stroll hand-in-hand under tree-lined oaks and be sobered by the tales of hardship endured by the people who lived and worked in the historic buildings that survived the test of time. Franklin boasts more than 400 sites on the Register of Historic Places.

Take the kids to climb up the “Great Wall,” a 21-foot seawall built for flood protection, where you can get a bird’s eye view of the traffic in the Atchafalaya River, one of the busiest rivers in the state. Next travel to the International Petroleum Museum & Exposition, the “Mr. Charlie.” Everyone will enjoy learning about the oil industry on this retired oil rig and the many ways oil is used.

Your sister, Gloria, who fancies herself a movie critic, will recognize scenes from many movies along the Cajun Coast, including the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Easy Rider, and All the King’s Men.

And, everyone will enjoy the tales of racing in Patterson at the Wedell-Williams Aviation and Cypress Sawmill Museum, a Louisiana State Museum, chronicling early pioneers and community efforts in flight and in lumbering. There’s even a Steamboat Exhibit on display through next summer.

Then visit the Sovereign Nation of the Chitimacha and the Chitimacha Museum in Charenton. The Chitimacha were the first settlers to the area and lived in and around the Atchafalaya Basin. The museum documents their history, culture and their efforts in preservation.

Grandma can marvel at the stained glass and beautiful altars prevalent throughout St. Mary Parish’s churches. Tour Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Trinity Episcopal Church, Pharr Chapel Methodist, Church of the Assumption, St. Mary’s Episcopal in Franklin or Asbury United Methodist Church.

Your cousins who are so outdoorsy can lead the birding tour that won’t even take you off-the-beaten path. Morgan City’s Brownell Carillon Bell Tower features a designated bird sanctuary and has walking paths throughout the swamp, enhanced by the music of the carillon bells that ring every 15 minutes.Then charter a boat (or bring your own) and set out on the fishing trip of a lifetime! When the littlest makes the biggest catch, it will become an even bigger story!

Yes, it’s cliché, but let the ladies shop ‘til they drop in quaint Main Street boutiques, and send the guys to try their luck against water hazards and challenges of the Atchafalaya Golf Course at Idlewild or other local courses.

And, speaking of luck, there’s grown-up adventure to be had at Cypress Bayou Casino or Amelia Belle Casino!

So, find fun for the entire family and get pats on the back for planning the perfect family reunion on the Cajun Coast!

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Family Ties