Franklin Mardi Gras Parade.

Begins at Franklin Senior High School on Main St., proceeds east on Main St., making a U-turn and then continues onto Willow St. The parade then turns right onto Third […]

Krewe of Amani Parade

Parade begins at Patterson High School on Hwy. 182/Main St. and continues down Hwy. 182/Main St. to Place Norman Shopping Center. 2 p.m.

Krewe of Galatea

Begins on 2nd Street under the La. 182 bridge and proceeds to Onstead Street continuing down Sixth St. to Marguerite St., Ninth St./Hwy.70, Clothilde Street onto Victor II Blvd. and […]

Krewe of Dionysius Parade

The procession will line up on Gilmore Drive and turn on John Street, Robicheaux Street, Mount Street, Gilmore Drive, right on La. 182, Tournament Boulevard, Fairview Drive then to Pattie […]