Birding is Big on the Cajun Coast

The Cajun Coast is Big on Birding

Birding is Big all year on the Cajun Coast, from Spring and Fall migrations to the annual Eagle Expo, but we’re hosting a Big Day competition April 17th that you won’t want to miss! This friendly, one-day competition will have you spotting so many birds as they make their annual trek along the flyway that you’ll want to find out more and get your tickets today!

The spring is a great time to come birding. The Cajun Coast is located in the Mississippi flyway for migratory birds, seasonally increasing the number of species the dedicated birdwatcher can enjoy. The Atchafalaya hardwood swamp, nearby coastal marsh, and ample farmland provide ecological niches that are home to more than 200 species, from the spectacular roseate spoonbill to the comical anhinga to the humble brown thrasher.  The rich variety of avian life will thrill veteran birdwatchers and intrigue beginners.

In Morgan City, The Brownell Memorial Park & Carillon Tower is a 9.5-acre park in a natural setting next to Lake Palourde.  Founded as a non-denominational devotional park, admission is free.  A 106-foot tall carillon tower containing 61 bronze bells graces the park and plays two selections every 30 minutes.

Swamp tours are also a great way to see egrets, herons, or other waterfowl, along with alligators and other creatures amid lush waterscapes. Book a tour, rent a kayak, or even rent a houseboat to stay.

The Atchafalaya Basin, covering one-third of Louisiana, is the largest overflow swamp in the United States. Its waterways are full of all types of birds. You can wander along the Water Heritage Sites, with nine on the Cajun Coast, or take one of our paddling trails to get up close and personal.

You can take a boardwalk out into the Bayou Teche National Wildlife Refuge for an easy entre into an abundant birding habitat. Recently named a National Scenic Byway, the Bayou Teche Scenic Byway provides a beautiful drive along the banks of the Bayou Teche and opportunities to pull off and spot birds along the drive, as well as many places of historic beauty.

So, book your stay now to come check off your list or just enjoy the beauty of majestic birds and picturesque scenery on the Cajun Coast!

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The Cajun Coast is Big on Birding