Paddling on the Cajun Coast

Top 10 Water Activities on the Cajun Coast

When temperatures rise, we naturally flock to the water’s edge, and luckily, the Cajun Coast has a lot of water to enjoy! And with an abundance of water comes an abundance of diverse water activities. We have organized them into the top ten favorites.

1. Freshwater Fishing – Fishing spots are abundant along the bayous and trails of navigable freshwater waterways. Fishing tournaments are so prevalent here because of the trophy fish found in the bounty of the Atchafalaya Basin!  You can even rent a houseboat and fish from the dock! Don’t forget your fishing license!

2. Deep Sea Fishing – You can take your own craft, but we also have charters, such as Blu Rebel, offering deep sea excursions of a lifetime. You could pull in swordfish, giant tuna, huge snappers, speckled trout or redfish, so catch your limit!  We also have you covered for all the gear at local marine and tackle shops, like Ivy’s.

3. Swamp Tours – Local swamp tour operators, like Captain Caviar, provide entertaining and educational tours of the beauty and mystery of the Atchafalaya waters. Depending on the time of year, a variety of wildlife and plant life, and yes, alligators, will be spotted.

4. Boating – With more than 30 boat launches in the area, you can put in your craft just about anywhere. Cruising along the river highway is so relaxing and beautiful! And, if you didn’t pull yours along, there are several rental or charter options on the Cajun Coast!

5. Kayaking/Canoeing – Explore our exotic waterways by canoe or kayak. In addition to rich history and unique culture, the Cajun Coast is adorned with the natural beauty of the Atchafalaya Basin, with moss-draped cypress trees and majestic oaks.

6. Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail – The Atchafalaya Basin Swamp is the largest overflow swamp in the U.S., containing almost one million acres of the nation’s most significant bottomland hardwoods, swamps and bayous. The Atchafalaya Water Heritage Trail features 9 sites within the Cajun Coast including areas only available by boat, rich historic landmarks, and the beauty National Geographic Traveler noted as “hauntingly beautiful land.”

7. Sunsets at the water’s edge – There is nothing like watching the last, glorious rays of sunshine dipping below the water’s edge in the evening. And we have a lot of viewing spots – from the “Great Wall” walkway atop the concrete floodwall, to Cypremort Point State Park. You can even stay on the water, if you are so inclined. Many of our parks and campgrounds have cabins or sites right on the water, for a relaxing view of the brilliant colors.

8. Watching water birds and exotic water wildlife (i.e. alligators) – With over 170,000 acres of designated wildlife management areas and an abundance of bird and animal life, wildlife viewing is easily accessible along our secluded waterways.

9. Golf – Even our golf courses have the most beautiful, if treacherous, water features! The Atchafalaya at Idlewild Golf Course, part of the amazing Audubon Golf Trail, is also featuring a golf special through August 31!

10. Water parades. Many of our festivals feature water parades, but the Annual Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet in association with the Shrimp & Petroleum Festival each Labor Day weekend, is a magnificent site from the water’s edge!

So, plan on spending the summer on the Cajun Coast, checking out each of the top 10 water-friendly spots!

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Top 10 Water Activities on the Cajun Coast