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Not the Same Old Song and Dance

The Cajun Coast features live music every weekend, and our festivals are full of top notch performances, but Songs on the Bayou features more than 100 songwriters from across the nation and showcases new talent that you won’t want to miss!

Presented by Last Honky Tonk Music Series and D.a.T. SaUcE, Songs on the Bayou Songwriter’s Festival is 5 full days of performances, competitions, events, workshops, and bayou fun. D.a.T. SaUcE will also be showcasing the winners of their National Songwriting Competition. There are opportunities to rub elbows with top names as well as many public performances planned throughout the area and multiple special events, such as a Fais Do Do, Bayou Sunset Pickin’ Party, Songs on the Bayou Extravaganza, Veterans Night, Blues On The Bayou, Back To The Country, and Songs In The Park. All of the shows and events are FREE, with the exception of Veterans Night ($20 Donation). See the Special Events Schedule. Come be a part of this fun and funky festival!

With Morgan City, LA being the headquarters of the National Last Honky Tonk Music Series, the Cajun Coast gets its fair share of historic, roots music performances. Series performances are held throughout the nation, from small honky tonks to large outdoor arenas, with everything from solo acoustic performances to full band shows. Catch the live music calendar to find these performances throughout the area.

The weekly music calendar is packed with a variety of musical genres for all tastes, so check out the calendar and find a festival or venue for live music every weekend on the Cajun Coast!

Nature even sings a little differently on the Cajun Coast alligators adding their deep rhythm to the hum of the cicadas and bullfrogs croaking and birds chiming in with their soprano staccatos. Swamp Tours and paddling trails will give you a front row to the symphony.

So, come enjoy a vacation that’s not the same old song and dance!

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Not the Same Old Song and Dance