Getaway with your sweetie on the Cajun Coast

Getaway with your Sweetie

Ahh – romance! Your eyes adjust to the soft, morning light filtering in through billowing curtains, as you pick up the faint aroma of bacon and coffee wafting in from beyond your suite door. You turn on your side in the sumptuous covers and just take in your beautiful spouse, still dreaming, no doubt, of your paddling excursion, shopping for antiques and unique treasures, touring historic sites, a stroll along the bayou banks at sunset, sumptuous dinner, and dancing the night away like teenagers.

What could be more romantic than a weekend getaway amid the beauty of Louisiana’s Coast! There are well-appointed suites, romantic bed & breakfasts, cozy cabins and even tent sites to snuggle your sweetie on this most romantic holiday. Find out more about things to do and Book Your Getaway Now.


And, we’ve got built-in what-to-do lists for every interest: Fairfax House Cajun Coast

If your honey is a history buff, our Civil War trail will guide you with historical markers and interesting tidbits to warm his heart.

If your sweet dove is into Birding and Wildlife Watching, we’ve got you covered.

And if your treasure swoons at the site of Victorian and Antebellum architecture, this historic tour just might just be the start of an historic adventure.

Check out other interesting itineraries, such as movie tours or paddling trails, or chart your own course with a wealth of activities.

And, of course, there is no shortage of great dining options along the Cajun Coast, with the freshest of Gulf seafood and recipes handed down for generations as well as new takes on old favorites. Choose from gumbos and steaks to étouffée’s or po-boys, and a feast of international fare made even better by virtue of being in an area that lives to eat.

And, even though we boast of small-town charm, we don’t roll up the sidewalk after supper. Our nightlife scene, casino action and live music venues will allow you and your darling to dance the night away. Check out our live music calendar for showtimes and dates!

Make the most of your weekend – come to the Cajun Coast!

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Getaway with your Sweetie